Custom Solar Systems

Our basic Business is Photo Voltaic Solar System Design and
Installation (Roof and Custom Land Designs).
Our Long Term Project is Solar Energy Tree which is Stand  Alone
Product based on Light, Thermal and Wind Energy to produce
Electrical Energy.
Solar Energy is the Foundation for the Life on Earth. It is Free Gift
for all of us.

`We use this energy to give our Customers Energy Independence
Investment in Solar Electrical Generation Systems pays by itself
and creates healthy environment..
What We Do

We design and install Solar Electrical Generation Systems. Our
goal is to establish ourself as builders of affordable high efficiency
installations and modular design to fit Customers Landscape.  
EDLabSolar Co.
Our Designs and Solar Installations are
money saving Solar Electrical Generation
great for the environment
We've been in business for over 10 years
Reach us at 602 524 7330